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“It is my desire to visit the House of Ruth,” Marshall said. “I want to thank the advocates who help serve the victims of domestic abuse, plus I want to raise awareness to sexual abuse and support the rights of our victims. It takes someone special to be an advocate, and I thank each and every one of the advocates here at the House of Ruth for their service.” Marshall said during the 20 years that he served as a prosecutor, he has seen many women who were abused, and many of those women stayed in that abusive relationship because they felt they had nowhere to go. “I vividly remember one victim I served as a prosecutor. She made a statement if it meant she had to be beaten every night for her and her family to have somewhere to live, then she would just be beaten. She had no idea there was somewhere safe she and her family could go. I will never forget that, and to this day I stress to anyone who is a victim of abuse to get help. No one has to be victim of abuse; there are advocates out here that will help you get help.” Marshall said he was impressed with the services available through the House of Ruth, and how hard the advocates work to educate the community on the services available to the victims. The House of Ruth provides serves to nine counties in the Wiregrass area. “It is an honor to have Attorney General Marshall here today,” said Beverly Youse, House of Ruth’s executive director. “I know during his career he has done a lot to help the victims of abuse and for that we are grateful.

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