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For a few minutes it appeared no action would be taken during a meeting called by Mayor Bo Patterson to review McCahill’s contract in the wake of McCahill’s weekend arrest. McCahill was arrested on a felony burglary and simple assault charges after an incident inside the building where he resides. (see related story) Commissioners discussed the blot on the city’s image from the news of the incident and whether or not to hold themselves to the language of the city charter concerning commissioners; action is only warranted upon conviction. The charter language is directed solely at commissioners and is fresh due an incident last year involving a commissioner. “I would ask that you treat me like any other person and (afford) me due process and the presumption of innocence,” McCahill said at the meeting’s outset. Due process, Commissioner Eric Langston said, was worthy but the city, and any public figure representing the city, had an image to uphold, a “standard we need to live up to.” Commissioner David Ashbrook agreed, saying beyond any language in the charter regarding criminal conviction, there were “moral” duties, moral standards and, for him, the troubling behavior by McCahill leading to his arrest. He suggested three choices, taking no action pending a conviction, suspending McCahill pending the outcome of legal proceedings or terminating his contract immediately. A resignation from McCahill was clearly the hope of some commissioners, stated by Commissioner Bret Lowry who said he came to the meeting to ask for McCahill to voluntarily step aside. Langston also said he hoped McCahill would go voluntarily and both appeared hesistant to directly take the step toward termination.

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