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A grand jury had considered the inquest record and taken testimony as well and decided to return no indictments. A fair reading of the case showed that the evidence did not justify bringing tougher charges such as driving to endanger, or even manslaughter. But by leaving the prosecution in the hands of a politically-savvy Democratic loyalist ensured that unanswered questions were not pursued, and it also ensured that those questions would persist through the years. Although Kennedy began our interview by acknowledging that his actions that night

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He testified that the detection of the drug in Hargrove's system after the 11 a.m. wreck would not be inconsistent with Hargrove having taken the drug the previous night and already having slept it off. Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Stacy asked Keller whether it was possible that a person could still suffer diminished performance the day after taking a sleep aid. "You can't really say for sure," Keller said. Medlin used Keller largely to counter the testimony of Mike Ward, who testified Monday that a high enough dose of zolpidem -- the generic form

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