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“This is where my background in financial litigation came in handy,” Cockson said. Zorbalas, who had built a reputation for buildings with housing violations, had all his licenses revoked in 2011. Frenz was hailed by city officials as a savior when it was announced he had bought out Zorbalas. Zorbalas had mortgages on Frenz’s properties, but they weren’t contracts for deed. Why, Cockson, wondered, would Zorbalas take any risk by being mortgage holder? It came out during an April 2016 court hearing with Frenz on the witness stand. Frenz had testified earlier that he and his wife alone owned the apartment houses, but under questioning by Cockson, Frenz disclosed Zorbalas’ role. Later, Cockson gave an impassioned plea to Housing Court Referee Jason Hutchison, reflecting the zeal behind his mission. “The system is truly in trouble, your honor, if powerful landlords can exploit tenants by refusing to provide them with habitable housing, hide behind shadow requirements of housing court discovery rules, operate rental property in clear violation of the law and preclude litigants from their day in court and subvert your role as a judge and fact finder,” he said, according to a transcript. “If that is allowed to happen, justice is over. Everything that our forefathers fought for is over and a lie.” In his decision, Hutchison concluded Frenz committed fraud, found for the tenants, and fined Frenz $187,790 , the largest in housing court history.

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